Thursday, October 16, 2008

I was tagged by The Adams Family to share 7 random or weird facts about my self. So here it goes........
1. I was voted Most Lazy for the Class of 2005
2. I am extremely freaked out by Halloween masks (but only when soemone is wearing one) I cry and run and just freak out
3. I am not much of a pet person. They are cute but too much to take care of!
4. I am self employed and love what I do although insurance would be really nice so I want to go back to school for something ; )
5. Although, I am blunt and outgoing, I am very sensitive and my feelings sometimes get hurt over nothing but I am getting better!
6. I am really good with doing hair. That is one thing that has always came natural and its one of my favorite characteristics about myself
7. I love to arm wrestle. haha. I used to challenge anyone to arm wrestle me (men and women) and I dont think a girl has beaten me yet but some of the guys give me a run for my money


JWilson said...

I am pretty blunt and to the point to but get my feelings hurt fairly easy too! :)

Lindsay said...

I wouldn't arm wrestle you are you kidding me I wouldn't have a chance. HaHa! Wonder Women!