Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, I forgot I even had one of these things! I haven't wrote in absolutely forever so I have a lot of catchin' up to do! Shaun and I have planned our wedding date, May 9, 2009. Wow! It is just around the corner so we have a lot to do in very little time but I am pumped. Its so exciting that I am finally going to be Kara Conrad! Our wedding colors are going to be Lime and White! A lot of people dont really get it until I show them pictures of what I want! I am a modern type style girl if that makes sense and because I am getting married in Spring, I want it to be fresh and modern at the same time. My centerpieces will be glass cylinders with lemons and limes in it and some white candles all around! If it sounds weird, I understand. It is hard to visualize so I will have to post pics when it is all said and done! Anyway, enough about that. Alexia is as amazing as ever and although she can be out of control at times; she is still the best. She is already 2 1/2 ! Wow, time flies! She is so smart and acts really mature for her age. Just a few things that I am proud of her for are ...
  • She knows her name (First // Middle // && Last )
  • She spells her first name A*L*E*X*I*A
  • She counts to twenty (but sometimes get 15 and 16 mixed up; no biggie)
  • She sleeps in a big girl room
  • She is potty trained (but when she is with Mady and Mason she seems to forget ; )
  • She knows her A B C's
  • She knows what state she lives in and spells it O-H-I-O
  • She knows her birthday

Now, that is a long list! I am a proud mom if you can't tell. I know just about every parent says their kid is sooo cute and soo smart but mine really is ; ) So on with other things! Lindsay (my BFF) and I have been doing a Weight Watcher // Biggest Loser health plan for a month now. We are doing so good together and are finally seeing results. I have a ways to go but def. have a good start! I imagine I will be right where I want to be by the beginning of Summer 2009 . I cant wait! I love her to death. She has really helped me help myself ; ) I am so glad I met her and our kids get along great although they all have their days!

I am still working in the legal field and still have a desire to change it up sooner rather than later. I like what I do but I want to go to school soon!!! I know the longer I talk about it; the faster time goes so I need to get in there and get it done! I am aiming to start Fall Quarter 2009!

Well, I have things to do and errands to run so Im outta here for now but will be back much sooner than last time ; )

Live. Laugh. Love. Believe

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